Late Announcement

I started a new job back in May.  The company provides reporting and management services for the financial industry.  I’ve been in charge of the marketing sites side of things, so I have been afforded the chance to really sharpen my front-end skills.  Late to the overall game, the company has also started delving into responsive design (which I have welcomed with open arms)!

Google Maps – ZoomZoom

At work, we are prepping a site for final launch.  All is finished, save for one issue: the embedded Google map.  ‘Looks great to me!’, I said.  That is, it looked great until I checked it in Internet Explorer and Firefox.  I was greeted by a map view zoomed out to the entire globe and an itty bitty pin way down in the USA.

Turns out that the new Google Maps has decided, at least in my recent experience, not to embed zoom levels in such a way that Firefox and Internet Explorer can parse.  After much searching, I came across Elliott Bledsoe‘s post here and his link to Google’s API here. VOILA!

Google Maps classic view

Now our client can hop along merrily with Internet Explorer or Firefox (most likely IE at this point) enjoying his normal zoom level, hoorah!  I hope this can help save someone the arduous task and search I went through today.  Thanks for reading!

Hello Friends!

This site will serve as an exhibition of my front-end dev experiments and ongoing eduction.  My bff Philwinkle will probably be chiming in, commenting, or being referenced often, right peej?